Artist - Louise Walckenaer

Louise Walckenaer, 23, is a French artist based in Paris. Creating has always been one of her passions, despite never enrolling in formal art classes. Only fairly recently has she got on with her hobby on a regular basis, as she found in drawing a way to share her feelings and reminisce about her memories. Each of her sketches is the continuation of a moment she believes is worth holding on to. She finds inspiration in the everyday objects that connect to these special moments, and tries to depict them as faithfully as possible. Louise digs into realistic drawings to challenge herself with greater levels of details, and uses a variety of mediums such as graphite pencils, markers or watercolor in order to reach her goals. Over time, she has grown in a community of artists on different social media platforms, where she posts her creations, hoping that they will resonate with people and inspire others to improve their own works.